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General Guidelines /Instruction for students

Smoking ,chewing betelnuts,bringing gutkhas,trspassing and plucking flowers disbedience and any conduct injurious to the moral tone of the Academy within the campus is strictly prohibited or else strict action will be taken against such acts and will be fined individually or collectively.In extreme cases "Transfer Certificate" will be issued.

Students are advised to keep the Academy clean.Students can not loiter in verandas or corridors when classes are on.they shoul not scatter bits of paper,rubbish on floors and should not scratch furniture and paint,spit on or write on walls.In case ,such dirty acts/offences are noticed ,the students are supposed to identify the culprit(s) otherwise ,a genral fine upto Rs.500/- will be imposed.

"Ragging:A criminal offence":.The supreme court of india.The Academy is against any form of ragging .Any student found involved in it will be liable to punishment as per law.

Any form of ragging ,harassment to fellow students is punishable and eventually may lead to expulsion from the Academy.

Students must be regular in attending classes.They should not remain absent for three consecutive days without any prior information.A lesson missed is missed forever.

Students must always be an active participant in every activity of the Academy.Every student must have his/her own books and other articles required in the class.Students themselves are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.

The eligibility for appearing in the HS 1st Year and Final year is determined by the overall proficiency of a student ,assessed on the basis of his/her attendance ,performance in all the tests and other examinations conducted by the Academy.

Students will not be allowed to enter the Academy without full and proper uniform.

Students riding on motor-cycle will not be allowed to enter the Academy unless they produce their parents or gurdians.