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Director's Message

Swadeshi Academy galloped triumphantly into silver jubilee year of its inception in 2018. It is by any yard-stick a no mean feat. When the concept of this Academy was germinated, we’re the leading innovative path-finders in this arena. At that time, you do not expect the State to bear the Herculean task of building dedicated junior colleges across the region. Hence as a responsibility, Swadeshi Education Trust (S.E.T) came forward to share this social obligation with the Government shoulder to shoulder in extending this religious duty of steering the aspiring student fraternity in the two most decisive years of their career by imparting balanced education.

Our commitment to the society is that we treat Swadeshi Academy as a temple of knowledge. We keep under our microscope the fees structure at bare minimum and in return take pride to offer the best infrastructure in the entire North East region. Swadeshi Academy’s axial emphasis is on career building and promotion of national integration through positive formation of character of young generation without discriminating against caste, creed, religion and gender. This Academy pledges to harness this bubbling youth energy with heart and soul in order to make them honest and dutiful citizens of the world. They are immunized against all surrounding odds and adversities so as to face the challenges of life in the days to come.

Long Live Swadeshi Academy

Long Live Swadeshi Education Trust